New Limit Switch
Limit switches
Compact type-100/200/300/400 series


KC 100 Series limit switches are designed to operate two circuits at a time with a single plunger.The operating head cannot be interchanged as the design is application dedicated. Transparent acrylic top cover allows inspection of the contacts.

KC 200 Series limit switches are compact type having 32mm width and offer complete interchangeability of the Enclosure and Actuator assembly throughout the series. A non-matallic plastic top cover is provided to avoid electric shock under abnormal conditons. These are oil tight and dust proof switches. In 200 series all models ae available in Snap and Normal action mechanisms.

KC 300 series limit switches are Micro switches with pressure diecast, aluminium housing. The operating Head cannot be interchanged as the design is application dedicated. This series limit switches have a special type of 60mm long leaf roller lever. The operating travel is much less compared to other series switches.

KC 400 series limit switches are designed for double action in which two plungers are provided, one on each side. The mechanism is maintained type in which NC contacts will open with one side plunger actuation and will remain in this condition till next actuation force is applied from the opposite side. During the actuation, the NO contact will close and vice versa. Only one specially designed, application dedicated, single pole double throuw change over contact model is available in this series.

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